About Us

We are Pollard Bros Mfg. Co..  We were established in 1921 and are currently a 4th generation family-owned business.  We are known for making industrial products that last a life-time.  If you're looking for a workbench that is more durable than the average bear, you have come to the right place.  

Pollard Brothers has been manufacturing functional, durable and versatile steel crafted equipment since 1921 when brothers Henry and Bert Pollard formed the company. Civil and Mechanical Engineer graduates from the University of Illinois, Henry and Bert returned to the Chicago area after serving in the US Army during World War I. Drawing on their education and experience they sought to manufacture a more substantial workbench leg for the field and factory. Using their knowledge and work ethic, within a few years Pollard Bros. was known nationwide for the reliability and strength of their lifetime steel crafted equipment.  

The cornerstone of the Pollard product line has always been the #200 Series Work Bench Leg, which is as reliable today some eight decades after its inception, as it was in 1921. From small manufacturers to institutions like the United States Armed Forces, factory and warehouse floors nationwide were lined with these Arc-Welded Angle Iron Bench Legs as early as the mid 1920s. In a short time, an expanded product line was developed, evolving into a dozen product categories and hundreds of individual styles.  

Shortly after serving in World War II Bill Hein, Henry Pollard’s son-in-law, and Bob Moller, Bill’s longtime friend, joined the company. Bill handled production while Bob handled sales. A new manufacturing facility was built on the present site, including a warehouse, allowing Pollard Brother’s Mfg. to stock a substantial number of products for quick and easy shipment. Over the following four decades Bill and Bob molded and expanded the Pollard Brothers name and product line by adding and refining items like Machine Tables, Storage Racks, Shop Stools, Stock Carts, plus Open Leg, Cabinet and Heavy-Duty Plate Top Workbenches. In addition, Bill and Bob developed Pridecraft, a division of Pollard Brothers, to manufacture affordable dependable workbenches and workbench legs for the home, work-shop and garage.

In the 1980s Steve Hein, Bill Hein’s son, continued the family tradition, and his brother Will Hein joined the company in the 1990s. Steve and Will were able to streamline Pollard Brother’s production line, leading to the finest quality product at the best possible price. They also increased Pollard Brothers reach; taking the Pollard name from being known regionally and nationally to respected and requested worldwide whenever and wherever strong, dependable lifetime Steel Crafted Equipment is needed.

Presently, Steve Hein’s sons, Jason and Nathan Hein, carry on this 4th Generation family business.  Pollard Brother’s full line of steel crafted equipment is now sold across the globe, through distributors and designers alike. From the home workshop to the factory floor Pollard Brothers enjoys a long-held reputation for quality and reliability as exemplified by decades of repeat business. Now carrying workbenches, machine tables, shop stools, locker room benches, carts, heavy duty trucks and storage racks just as suited for the basement, garage or home workshop as the factory or jobsite, Pollard Brothers makes the products you need for the space you have. No other workbench, no other equipment, will stay as strong or last as long as Pollard Brothers.